In the dead of night
Sounds come crashing down
All around on the ground
The light filters through
Slowly bringing forth
The storm raging inside
Wanting to come out
With no where to go
Meeting in space
All through time
Wishing and waiting
For the most of what
Happens during the storm
Rain pours down
Mixing with the tears
Flowing down your face
But always remember
The life giving growth
That comes with time
There is always something
About the rain that brings
Sweet solace to ones heart
There will always be
Those who want to
Bring down the noise
Of the thunder
As the lighting strikes
Straight through
Always hoping for the one
Sunrise that brings
Out the best in you
Peaceful water falls
Cascading all around
A kaleidoscope of color
Sparkling diamonds
As the storms continues
Raging on
Sweeping across the land
Bringing with it the freshness
Of ones solitude
In a blissful sleep
Storms are a part of life
They are always there
Even when we can't see
The bigger picture

Aug 3, 2021

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