The nights are cold 
Without you by my side
The days are desolate
Without your smile
Wishing upon a star
Wherever you are
That one day
We stay next
Never to leave
Always going
Anywhere with you
Is home to me
Been waiting
A lifetime for ya
Now here we are
In a love story
Written for the ages
Dancing across the sea
Watching sunsets
Breaking all bounds
Just to be side by side
Hand in hand
The days go by
Without an end in sight
Love I will go
Anywhere with you
Hoping that all
Our dreams and wishes
Come true, one day soon
Cause I want to stay
Always with you
Anywhere in this world
Is fine with me
I don't care
As long as I'm with you
With you
Anywhere with you
Is better than alone
You will always be
The one who makes
Me smile
In a lifetime of pain
Never did I think
I would find
Some one whom
I would go anywhere
Anywhere with you

Aug 6, 2021

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