The one

What happens when
The one walks in
Your heart stops
All you see is them
Everything else fades away
Everything is a blur
As your eyes lock
You can't look away
All the confessions
Wont express what you feel
All the emotions
Want to burst out
As you start to dance
Leaning on, holding on
Revelling in the feel
Of their touch
As you glide across the floor
To a slow song of love
One that speaks to
Captures your heart
The way they do
Swirling around
And around
Needing this for a lifetime
Cause you need them
Hard to breathe without
When they smile
You feel like the only one
Only one in the world
Wishing that this
Doesnt stop
Hoping it's not a dream
Wanting it all to be
All look for
The one
Who will never leave
A love so strong
Nothing can break
Or tear apart
A bond that will
Outlast it all
When you find
The one

August 8,2021

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