Forever change

Change is inevitable as it happens every fall and spring. The world is always changing, nothing stays the same. From the spring flowers to the fall colors, change is always happening. Every time you look out the window, step outside it’s always different. Life isnt easy, but what is it without all the differences. As the sun rises it sets, out to light up the world with its warm glow. The moon shares it’s cool glow on the other side of the world. Everyone wakes up on their own time, change is happening no matter where you are.

Even when you least expect it to happen, but as it is written in the stars. Fate has a way of bringing change to the world. As the snow falls, swirling around your feet, you dance across the ground. The rain comes down like little diamonds sparkling in the night sky, shining as it glides down to mesh in with the water fall. Cascading down like glittering gems, ending in a kaleidoscope of color, spraying up into the air.

Change happens everyday, the weather comes along, rolling storm clouds that bring a story of change. Birds fly south every fall, when the weather changes from warm to cool. Taking all the memories made with them, oh to fly free as a bird.

We all experience change

we all experience pain

it all makes us stronger

when the storms pass over

Trees become green again

bringing spring flowers

all a glow, into the world

brightening the world

with color, and fragrance

bird song come again

the love of two hearts

sing a song of peace

for the world is awake

from a deep slumber

change is happening


august 11, 2021


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