Standing still
Looking past all
Staring at the sky
Listening to the tune
Of the nature
Time heals all
Or so they say
Some moments
Never go away
The ache is still there
There isnt enough
Hope comes and goes
Thinking of eternal
Flames shoot up high
Comfort comes
Different kinds
Glittering diamonds
Sparkle down from above
Little twinkling lights
Showing the way
As time seems to fade
Only love remains
In the eyes of the world
Is revealed
Nothing is ever gone
It's still with us
Apart of who we are
Don't let it control
Carry on, let the memories
Take you on a journey
Through the story
Of a lifetime
Just remember that
Time is a constant
Companion to all
The sun shines down
As the eagle flies
Gliding through the clouds
Bringing forth a message
Of a dance of peace
In all the world
One thing remains the same

Aug 13, 2021

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