The light trickles in
Through the branch's
Spreading across the grass
Tiny little liquid gold
Filters down on the world
Heart beating in time
The circle continues 
On and on
Coming and going to
Complete the one
Plate of coincidence
Knowing what you do
How is the light
Up there
Is it as bright
Is it dimmer
Fading in and out
Not know when it will
Bring back the one
Light flitters through
The branch's of trees
Not knowing if it will
Break through to
The dance of nature's
Way of showing you 
How to live a full life
One with light and joy
Not necessarily needing 
Someone to walk the path 
To bring the message 
We all need to know
One of hope and love
Where the light shines 
Brightest and spreads
Over the world

Aug 14,2021

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