Went on an adventure today
It wasn't very long
Didn't really go anywhere
Saw somethings
Wish could see more
But have no freedom now
Got to wait for it
The right opportune moment
To see all can see
And go on a further
Adventure one day

Power above.
Tangled branches
Aspire to be better
Sit among the birds
Remember life renews
Home found
Light trickles through
Pathway to promise
Golden truth 💛
One wishes
On a journey
One will find
What they’re looking for
In the branches of the trees
Look around
Beauty is all around
Captured in the tiny moments
Blink and they’re gone
Try not to miss
Went on an adventure 
Saw all can see
One day will see more
Have the freedom
To explore the world
With love by side
Size the day
Live life to the fullest
Never take for granted

August 20, 2021

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