Photo’s are inspiring

On one’s journey

One finds inside

Every corner of

The world

A beacon of


Alkronebusch August 21, 2021
Beauty of the sky
Ripples on the waves
Peaceful melody
The great unknown
Photos are an escape 
Just like a book
They take you back
To the time When
Peace filled your life
found inspiration
Waterfalls shine
Rainbows sparkle
Clouds roll in
Special love won't break
Flowers brighten
And birds sing
All the sounds
Complete the circle
Life isn't all
Peachy keen
Obstacles arise
Overcome, build strength
Come to a sense
Behold the light
Leading the way
Of the pathway
To paradise
Photos are inspiring
Takes you back
Time travel is real
In your mind
Travel happens
Through time
Books are the window
To the unknown
Let them take you
There to a magical place
One might wonder
If there's an end
A place of great joy
Let the memories in
And take you away
Treasure each moment
Cherish what you got
For one day
All you will have
Are memories
Old photographs
And Books
That take you back

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