Light it up
Bring the rain
Dance in the moonlight
Stars sparkles
Diamonds on the pond
Crystals in the clear sky
Skating across a frozen pond
The storm past
Into the daylight
Warmth spreads across the land
Scents flow with the river
Flowers bring beauty
Across the milky way
Fly through the galaxy
Destiny belongs
All the way to a promise
The story that's written
Throughout history
An age old tale
Reminiscing of the one
In the heartbeat of all
Comes the hummingbird of peace
Ruby crested feathers
Shining in the sunlight
Beaming across the sea
Oceans wide, deep blue
All that's given
All that's gain
All that's earned
It's not the thoughts
Swirling around the memory
Photos in line for a time
Singing the music of

Aug 22,2021


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