Time to fly

In the sky is where you’ll find the most freedom. The clouds roll by, bringing the soft rain. A darken sky glitters as the rain drops fall. Like little diamonds in the sky, a promise to light the world. The message you read in the blue yonder, is a message that needs to be heard.

All over the world are those who don’t know how to slow down. Enjoy what life brings, what you will find, if only you were to slow down. Nature has a way to show us the meaning to living. All we need to do is listen, but poeple are too busy to stop. No one really knows the peace they can have, in a relaxing.

So let us all spread our arms wide and reach out. Link fingers and hold on tight, to the one who holds your heart. Smile and bring the joy, so in the end when we go back to the sky, we can spread our wings. Fly with the eagles, soaring higher and higher. Amongst the clouds, like a dove dipping in and out. Dancing in the great blue yonder, free once again.

So let us fly, sore high above the world no longer waiting on. The freedom life should bring to us all. In life we are taught to love, laugh, be compassionate, share and always belong. To bring hope to those who need it, be a comfort to those hiding in the dark, show kindness to all and most importantly be a family.

So let’s us all just spread our wings far and wide and go back to the time where life was simple.

It’s time to fly

August 28, 2021 alkronebusch

Take off its time to fly

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