In the Dark (night)

In the dark
Wandering aimlessly
Not sure where to go
Where the end is
Always looking for
The sliver of light
That breaks through
Just to know
There is someone
Out there that will
Be there for you
No matter what happens
Life always has a way
Teaching you to believe
To have hope in all things
Faith is unsurpassed
It's something don't see
Yet is there, out in the world
The universe is dark
full of stars
Twinkling up high
Spreading a little light
In the darkness
Where you wander
Not knowing where to go
Which way to turn
The pathway always blocked
Trying to get through
Vines reaching out
Grabing on and holding fast
A tangled mess
Whispers in the shadows
Saying you belong
Worth it, fighting
In the sky, a lone star shines
Hoping to reach the end
Where the light awaits
In the dark

Night is the time to
Reminse, all the thoughts
Swirl around
Not stopping
Preventing sleep
Sadness creeps in
Surrounding your heart
Not letting go
Trying to be happy
There is a time
When we all need
To feel
To laugh
To cry
All in the world has stories
All are different
Even those who went
Through the painful journey
When it's dark the tears come
Bringing the pain
Try so hard to hide, it shows
In your eyes
Duck your head
Trying to not show
The story of hurt
Pain to bad to bare alone
Yet not wanting to share
Night is the enemy and friend
Leading you along
The journey, make it through
On the other side
A little bit of light
Spreading across the world
Bringing joy
All things renew
The sun slowly breaks through
The fog of night
The darkness doesn't give easy
Holds on, the black and white
Daze your in, slowly fades
Color in the night
As the sun bursts in.

In the night awaits
Shadows still calling
Saying you belong
The darkness never leaves
It's always there
Trying to pull you back
The positivity of day
Keeps it at bay
The dark is always lurking
For you to return
To the story of the night
In the dark
Your enemy and friend
For here to cry
In the arms of the shadows
In the dark

August 31,2021

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