Lost all

Kissing their lips
Feels soo devine
Your in heaven
When you look in their eyes
Everything fades
When they're near
Only they you see
Nothing can take
Your attention away
There is only one
Bright star in the sky
Shining only for you
Heart beats as one
Souls connected
When the time comes
A glorious meeting it'll be
Forever in the making
From the first touch
To the last breath
Always together
Is told by thousands
The moon gives direction
But you don't see
Away to the path
In the night
Always cold and alone
The last star flickers
Almost out, last of the ray's
Out of time, going to lose
All the kisses
All the devine
No more in heaven
Left in hell
Consumed by fire
Heart beat no more
Soul is broken
Nothing to be fixed
Left out of touch
With nothing in sight
Lost all sense
No longer feel safe
No longer have the protection
Dying every day
Nothing going right
Kiss their lips
Your in heaven
All Feels so devine
Look in their eyes
A reflection of
A dream that won't come

September 4, 2021

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