Heart broken

Never knew
That this will be
A roll coaster
To a life of loneliness
One of shadow
All hope lost
Nothing to live for
No where to go
No one there for you
Heart break that never heals
Need a miracle now
For a light to come
Cause now it's all black
With nothing showing
Have no way of getting
The journey to love
Lost forever
Please wish come true
Can't live without
Life meaningless
Never to be happy
Always miserable
Alone for all time
Please bring back
The light that brightens
Never thought that
There be a day
A love would come
That out shines all
Now feel so hopeless
Lost of faith
No more touch
Took away
All that's right
This world
There is nothing more
All gone
Tryin to find
Away to keep
Close true love
And bring happiness
To all life
Darkness reigns Supreme
Not knowing if be able
Stuck here in the shadows
Claw way out
Always fall down
Can't get back up
Still heartbroken
Cause nothing seems to give
Will lose forever
Not wanting to give up
Must keep on
To find away to keep
This love, such powerful love
In arms forever
Holding close
Wishing for only
One in this world
To be with Always and forever
Wanting and needing
For a chance to say
Still want to be
With you
Still need you
Still love you
Heart broken 💔

September 5,2021
Alkronebusch 😢😔💔

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