Flow through

In a moment
A time where
The river flows
Over the rocks
Around the bend
To chase the dreams
Down the hill
Flight of butterflies
Bring grace
Peace astounds
More then the moment
One chooses
Dance amongst the flowers
The River flows through
Moonlight glows
Star Light goes
It's a uphill battle
Mountains height
Into the sky
Travels one
Not knowing when
Flow through
Time and space
Written once
Told a thousand times
The story of old
A diamond in the rough
Love knows no bounds
Energy sticks
One place to behold
All that glitters is gold
Stay beside
Hiding amongst
Roses of color
Magnets strange
Firefly heat
So hot together
In the darkness
Where shadows go
Walking along
Find the way
To town springs
One jumps
High, up on the wall
Summer sun
Night time low
All goals come
For a dream
Flow through

September 10,2021

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