Never give up

Look up at the sky
Begining tonight
Neon lights
Shine in the eyes
Purple glow
The horizon bright
Wanting the beacon
Leading the way
Through the swamp
Over the hills
The groge is deep
Can't see the bottom
Not sure if safe
Looking past the flaws
A point in life
Gone through so much pain
Got to fight through
Not sure can
Express what feel
Whats in the heart
Beating so fast
Lost in the drowning
Crystal clear waters
Fall from the sky
All that wishes
Come what may
Time goes by
So fast now
Gone is summer
Fall colors show through
The story of nature
Spring flowers
Summer sun
Fall colors
Winter sparkle
Share each moment
The one who
Holds you close
Let them in
Let them close
Tell them
Share with them
Inner most thoughts
It's hard to
Not sure how to say
Whats in your mind
Not sure if you can
Let go of all
Everything you've been through
Has come down to this moment
Another time
Another life
Always wondering
Which is right
Which is wrong
Wanting more
The world spins
Flowers grow
Birds sing
And the winter winds blow
Chill in the air
There are a thousand reasons
To continue on
Taking each day as they come
Just a minute
Hear that
The song of songs
Nature speaks
Brought to you on the wind
Swirling around
Dancing amongst the trees
On butterfly wings
Gosomer soft
Dust glitters in the sun
Stars will glow
Ripples on the waves
To all that has happen
It will pass
Just need to keep on
Never give up
Just like life
Everything renews
Life will always carry on
Not always the same
Hold out for the beacon
Lighting the way

September 12, 2021

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