In this world
We all need
To find our way
Through life
It's hard at times
But we endure
For we are strong
For we belong
We are of one
To find our way
Faith isn't seeing
It's believing
Faith is what we can't see
It's believing it's there
Follow our hearts
Listen to our minds
For out there
Is the Faith
To continue on
We need to rely
We all belong
All the same
Heart beats
Feel pain
Hold on
And let go
The past isn't what defines
It's what shapes us
We all have stories
We all have different beliefs
In the end
We all want the same things
It all starts with one
The word not all know
It is there
Guiding us to the light
Just hold on
It will come
Everything will be alright
Have faith

September 18,2021

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