Moments in time
Sunlight on the pond
Shoot across the mountain
Treasure the time
Stories untold
Memories that last
Make time for
Always share
Give comfort
Show love
Never back down
Moments in life
Are a way to let
The door way open
Take the time to
See the sky
Enjoy the colors
All this time
The world turns
Everyday the sun shines
Wanting to warm
Surounding the trees
Shadows dance
Come together
Share in the moment
Don't let them pass
Make the best of it
Feel the beat
The world will bring
Dance your way
The stars will light
Every once in a while
There will be
Just a moment
Where you go
Find your way home
Bring back all lost
Moon light glow
Be together
Always smile
Enjoy every moment
For it comes a time
Beauty inside
Show The way
Don't let the grief
Consume you
All have lost
Yet all will prevail
Keep those who belong
Heart beats as one
To the one
Capture the memory
Share the time
Where it was a first
Time will never take
Moments make a memory
This is where
All should go
Paradise falls
Crystal waters
The way to last
Or a moment make
Want to remember
Forever in the night
Peace will come
Moments are what
Bring clarity
The soul
Slow piano music flow
Picture this
Always care
Lost the best moment
Cause don't believe
Have no faith
Come what may
Gotta believe
That soon
Everything will be alright
Forgive the times
Where all seems lost
Give hugs
Love lots
Laugh often
Even when it seems bleak
Find the puzzle piece
That fits your soul
Experience all
Go on adventures
Share with one you love
Take pictures
Remember those moments
Tears fall, never seem
Always flowing
A ripple in the pond
Life will always be
Testing you everyday
Just got to move forward
Hoping one day
There will be sparkles
As the happiest
Moments come

September 18,2021

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