Beyond all comprehension
Beyond all bounds
No one really knows
No one really knows how
But it's there
Somewhere out there
Waiting for all to return
Blazing power from above
Star gazing, don't disappear
Still find the love
Shining down
From up above
Family is devout
Always miss
Turn around
Don't run away
Heaven is a constant
A companion
No one knows truly
But there is that chance
Get a glimpse
Through a looking glass
Feel like another's story
Wonderland, what's that?
Paradise next to
Hope flows through
All come in
Through the door
Open to us
Share the fire
Always the fire
Peace is something
Wide as the ocean
Bird song
Trees sway
Dance to the tune
All around
Sing your heart out
Bring forth
Kindness is the one
All the colors of fall
Down the pathway
The gate to heaven
A bright light
Walk the way
Hearts burst
Flame yerns
The gathering
Of the faithful
Photos, memories
Life spins out of control
Not knowing
Where to go
How to stop
Look inward
You will find
Your place
The calmness before the storm
As you step through
The looking glass
Turn look
Don't look back
All is right
Go forward
Footsteps glow
Light up
The path way
To the call
The last call
Of all life
We go
In peace

September 19, 2021

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