My heart

That first moment 
My heart soared
High up in the sky
I looked down
And saw you
Holding out your hand
A smile so bright
It drew me in
Flashing lights
Dancing in the rain
Spinning around
Laughing out aloud
Having the time of our lives
The touch, so soft
Sparks fly
When we kiss
A fire
Burns deep inside
Our souls call out
Across the distance
My heart lives
So far away
Not knowing
How can there be
A tension grows
Wanting to hold
Wanting to kiss
Always dreaming
Of the time
My heart
Next to me
Both have went through so much
To get where we are
Holding on by a thread
Hopeing against all
That we will meet
In the Diamonds
Sparkle around
Oh my heart
I hear you everyday
I see you everywhere
I feel you everytime
We are connected
My heart
Hear me now
사랑 해요
Best time, more still to come
Tightly stay
Never going to leave
Stuck with each other
Sing our hearts out
Can you hear me
Can you hear it
The melody
Wishing to burst forth
Taking to the Oceans
Will do
Anything just
A chance to be
In a love story
Like those of old
My heart
I'm here to stay
No matter what
I will always be
With you
For you are
My everything
My magic
Spreading all over
Shine on
Never go out
Never gone
Will forever be
In you Heart
On your soul
On your mind
Can't forget
My heart 💞

September 19, 2021

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