Looking through (other side)

Looking through
Looking through
To the other side
Glass on the river
Crystals on the lake
Diamonds shine on the pond
Look and you will see
Deep inside
The emotions
Trying to get out
Shadowing the door
Shut tight
Can't get out
Try to find the keys
Underneath the blanket
Nice and warm
Don't stress
The struggle will pass
Overcome the pain
All your life alone
No one beside
One day find
Something amazing
A dream come true
One worth waiting for
No matter the journey
Travel together
Down that broken road
Careful, leaning on
Arms surround
Don't let the flame go out
Star gazing
Eachothers eyes
Universe calling
Love on the other end
Fates driving force
Beckons, onward
Heaven shines tonight
Lost everything
Broken hearted
Wishing to fix
Not sure how
It seems like a long
Dusty trail
Off the beaten path
Lost your way
Got to find
A way back
To you
Warmth again
Never leaving
Ever staying
Always here
Don't know where
Love is in the laughter
A child cries
Saddness comes in
Happiness leaves
Hole in the soul
If be filled again
Not sure when
A kiss that last a lifetime
All that you have
Light as a feather
With you
Dancing amongst the clouds
Rain trickles down
To the earth
Follow the tracks
Tears always flowing
Hoping to stop
No more pain
No more apart
Happy again
Smiles all around
Crystals on the lake
Glass on the river
Diamonds on the pond
Looking through
Other side
Step through
The mirror
And find
A magical place
One only can see
Looking through
To the other side

September 20, 2021

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