Broken (yet beautiful)

Everything that which is broken, is more beautiful than that which isn’t.

September 22, 2021 Alkronebusch
On the floor bruised
Broken pieces
No way of fixing
No way to pick up
Must go on
Don't want to go on
Life seems in the shadows
Where is all the color
Bleeding out
Slow down time
Still waters
Flap broken wings
Pain shot through
Heart No longer beating
Special meaning is gone
More time lapse
Where has everything gone
Torn apart
Sadness is company
Hope flowing away
Never to be seen
Hear of this
Nope, train to no where
Mending falls
Needle prick
Rain mixed with tears
Red draining
What happens next
Does this story ever begin
Must get up
Can't get up
Feeling like there's no sun
Darkness all around
Can't see a thing
Everything Fading
Grey is all seen
Surrounded by
Winter here to stay
All that hear
The soft cry
Nothing left to loose
But there is one
Eyes open
Slowly reaching
Barely touches
The light
Shine brightly
Fall again
For all to be
Laying on the floor
Yet Still beautiful

Broken, yet more beautiful
That which is
Need to see
Past the outside
For what lies within
Is more special
More beautiful
Than that which
Viewed from without
"More beautiful for, Having been broken"

(A title of a movie, check it out its a good movie)

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