Only pain (life)

Life isn't a box of chocolates
It's not a bed of roses
It's a painful journey
Getting hurt
Thrown aside
Told your not good enough
After all that you've done
Life is full of sunshine
Full of sparkle
All will be right
That the day will shine bright
Holding the one you love
Sweet nothings
Laughing at silly things
But it's not
All that Torn away
No longer for you
All that you've been through
For nothing
Broken heart 💔
Now best friend
Shadows come to stay
No more inspiration
No more smiles
Tears will always fall
Mountains crumble
Ocean dry
Gone is the hope
Gone is the dream
Just Gone
Everything is destroyed
No fixing this
Mistakes happen
Chances to make it right
Thrown away
Like trash
Left to suffer
In the dark
No more light
No more laughter
No more
Oh no more
Just broken
Can't be fixed
Lost the one
The one
Who lights up the day
Who was there
But is now Gone
Don't want anyone else
Broken hearted 💔
For life
Darkness stays
Follows you
Like a friend
No way of getting back
Locked away
Never to be seen
Key Thrown away
No longer letting anyone in
No longer letting anyone close
Keep the distance
Everything you did
Not good enough
Went through
Struggled just to
Be the happiest
Only to have it ripped away
Never getting it back
The moon light
Guides you now
Only friend
Are the stars
As they fade
So does all that hope
Dreams Gone
Wishes Gone
Hopes dashed
Happiness No more
Why carry on
Without the love
Without the warmth
With out your heart 💔
Can't live
Can't go on
Won't go on
Loves power
Was strong
But not strong
Thought could withstand
The storm
Of disappointment
Taken from
No longer able
Left to die
Just give up
Only exsisting
For nothing
Life isn't a box of chocolates
Or a bed of roses
Oh no
It is only pain

September 25, 2021

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