In the present
Stuck in the past
The soft footsteps padded across the room, on the couch lay a knitted wool blanket. It had been made by the man's mother,  young hands picked it up and brought it over to the chair. Still the man didn't notice, his eyes had closed as the call of sleep had been to great. Yet it wasn't a peaceful sleep, no, it was full of all that had happened in the past 13yrs.

Unfolding the blanket, the teen placed it over the man who raised him. He doesn't even remember his real family, the one whom this man and his sister rescued him from.

Before the blanket had completely covered the man, Jo noticed the photo, catching the blanket he took the photo from Mark's hand. He then continued to tuck the blanket around him. Then Jo added a couple more logs to the fire and went into the kitchen, to get the drink he had first came down for.

Sitting down at the table, he turned the photo over and smiled. He remembered that moment when he first met Mark and his sweet sister Mary.

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