Hold on
Let go
Tears flow
Not sure where to go
To much to do
What you have
Is what you need
Love comes
Believe it
You better believe it
There's something for you
All good things come
To those who wait
The bell tolls
Birds take flight
The deep side
Life happens
No more time
Time stands still
A whisper
A dream
Plans don't always go
Change is inevitable
Common sense is gone
Beyond the window
Look to see
What's brought
A gift
Thousands of minutes
Walking the lonely road
Sunrise and sunsets
To truly know
Let the river sing
Leaves change color
Star bursts
Travel the distance
Across the sea
Fly to you
One heart
One soul
One song
The mist fades away
The brightness of the sun
Shines on this world
Spreads over miles
Share all that you have
Give all you can
One that keeps on giving
A bond so strong
Can't be broken
One day
All will be revealed
Hope isn't lost
It hides in everything
One in a million
Lifetime of waiting
Finally find
Won't let go
Hard to let go
No goodbyes
Sometimes you wander
Sometimes you roam
Sometimes you lose
Remember when
Life was simpler
Stress wasn't there
Didn't have to worry
Relied on imagination
To keep going
Made stories
True to a T
Loyal forever
Love always

Oct 2,2021

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