The difference

In between the days
Been waiting for so long
Nerves shot
Been trying to hard
Not knowing when
All this will come
A gift from heaven
Lost in a sea of poeple
Brought out to light
In the shadows No more
May lose all, love enternal
The difference
Of reality
And fantasy
One is real, one is not
Going in circles
Wondering if only
Could turn back the clock
Bring back happier times
Doing all for one thing
One ending
At the end of the line
Where the difference makes
A journey of
A lifetime of love
The road of
Lifetime of sadness
Truly believe
A dove of peace
Brought forth change
A chance of trueness
Loyalty to a fault
Only want one
The difference
A life alone
A life together
Broken pasts
Putting the pieces back
All fall apart
This is truly the end
The difference

OCT 3, 2021

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