While the water flows 
Birds fly south
Leaves change to color
Bright gold and fire red
Nature getting ready for slumber
Winter snow, white sparkles
All this left alone
Sitting in the dark
Door closed, shadow no more
Trying to figure out
What is happening
Not sure how to explain
Can't explain
No one understands
What is
What was
Happening all at once
Wanting to make the finish line
Close, yet not
So far away
Don't make no difference
All this left unsaid
Worlds collide
Try to mesh
Laid back
On a schedule
Wanting to stay
Can't let go
Won't let go
Loving for all eternity
Even when not wanted
Still heart beats for the one
Stars twinkle
The milky way sways
Aroura borlialis lights up the night sky
A time to remember
Side by side
Hands holding tight
Arms wrapped around
Listening to the world sigh
Music drifts on the breeze
All this unsaid
Promises made
Promises broken
Back and forth
Hoping for a miracle
Bring back the joy
Standing in the rain
Not noticing the cold
Raindrop off nose
Splashing on the ground
Ripple in the wind
Bird flies by
A song never heard
Follows on angel's wings
Beauty all around
The ground cover
Emerald glitter
In the air
A secret so sweet
Is kept
In the heart
Never to be said
Prayer makes
Wishes keep
Faith isn't all it is
All unsaid

October 6, 2021

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