Majestic and free
Fly high, soaring
The sky is endless
Golden hue, shines through
Reflecting off the land
Gliding and dipping
Oh to be free
High in the heavens above
Amongst the clouds
Where no one can see
Just you alone
Thoughts take you
Where no one can
Let the memories in
Flowing with time
As the eagles soar past
Spread your wings and follow
Let the current take you
To where you need to be
Always remember
Love is always there
It never truly leaves
And you shall find
The inner peace, which eludes
Relax in the sun
Watch the clouds roll by
Listen to the songs of the birds
And watch the eagles soar
A lesson in beauty
You must learn
All must learn
For its not on the outside
But within, where you find
The true beauty God intended
From animals you learn
Unconditional love and loyalty
No strings attached
As the eagles fly
So do your heart
In the sea below
The glistening reflection shows
A lost soul, searching
For the piece
You need to fill your heart
Joy will come when they're near
Up in the heavens
Join by many others
Fly the bald eagles
A testament of majesty
Over the hills and mountains
They will go
Taking all that you need to know
Knowledge is key
To a slower time
Where all Relax
No stressing over
Follow the example of
Nature knows best
The doves will show
A sense of calm
A peace within
One to hold on
Never dropping
Always there
Here in the moment
A glimmer of hope
All will be well
As you soar on the wings of eagles

October 10, 2021

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