Love doesn't go
It doesn't stop
Only grows deeper
Settling in ones heart
Spreading through the veins
To the one that connects
Straight to the heart
Want to share everything
The one love, the only love
Not wanting more in life
Than to be with you
For all time, spend every minute
Lying in each other's arms
Surrounded by the warmth
Hear the heart beat
Let the souls sigh
Songs to the heavens
Of a melody so sweet
Whispers on the wind
Tell a tale of one's life
Soulmates find eachother
Through chance, ment to be
Get through anything,together
Hold each other close
Wipe away the tears
Bring the laughter
Stay with them always
Love strong, no matter what
Wait for the day, to come together
Through all the pain
Through all the hurt
We make it through
Working past it all
One day soon, it will all be

October 12, 2021

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