Love and miss

Watch the sunrise
Next to the bend
On the river bank
Holding hands
And there ain't nothing to it
Back roads and country music
Spruce and pine trees
Tower over head
Burst of light, through leaves
Glitter like diamonds
Wild horses roam
These hills, are memories
Searching for the moment
When see smile again
Love and miss you
Whenever close eyes
Awake in the morn
Empty space, no pillow
Dream seems better
Let the jucies flow
Blood fill the veins
Only then will you know
There is nothing to it
All the back roads
Country music
Grew up in a forest
Wildlife and fire
Respectful distance
Like the moon high in the sky
Your voice carries
Love and miss you
Need you close
Everyday and every night
There is no question
Made for each other
In the stars that sparkle
Voices join, music of angels
A painting unfold
Surounding the way
Along a path to heaven
Going together
Destinies intertwined
No one else for
Love and miss you
Into the night
Goes the shadow
Finding the way back
To the one, hold dear
For one day, no more apart
Together atlast
No longer wishing and hoping
A miracle has come
Love and miss you

Oct 13, 2021

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