Photograph Chapter one

Chapter one History
Chapter one

The history
(The past)

Sunlight burst through the trees as it crested over the mountains. Bird song filled the air, as the morning light chased away the fog of night.

A mile or so outside of Canmore, AB, nestled near the mountains,  sat a rustic cabin. It was built in the 70s, by Mark and Mary's Great Grandparents. The Family came from the big city just for the summer one year and never left.

They fell in love with the beauty of nature and the lure of serenity of the place. The McColly's then bought the land and soon after started building. Several years later the cabin and property were willed to Mark and Mary McColly. Brother and sister, who have been inseparable since childhood. They're about 10yrs apart in age, it never mattered to them though.

Over the years, the McColly's have put alot of blood, sweat and tears into the land around the cabin. Trying to make a living with different crops and farming. They then choose to start a orchard as well.

Large trees line the northern and western side of the property. Apple, apricots, cherries, all sorts of fruit trees that can grow in the mountains. The orchard has been there since the 80's, on the southern side of the property are the padocks and pastures for the animals.

The McColly's also are breeders of fine quarter horses, and they run a rescue for farm animals as well. The fields are located in the back and the mountains are to the east.

The set up of the farm has grown over the years, but hasn't changed much, it first started out as a small operation of just a few horses and fields. Then later the orchard was planted, ofcourse it took years of hard work taking care of the trees, and when the fruit started growing, then there was the waiting for them to ripen.

They used organic ways to keep the bugs and pest away and out of the orchard, still to this day There is no chemicals used on the McColly land.

The youngst son who Mark is named after was into horses. So he worked day after day to earn the money to buy a horse to train. The first horse to step foot on the McColly land was a beautiful soral chestnut, 4 year old stallion, named Harley.

The start of the training and breeding business was born. Several years later the new generation is still continuing on with the legacy. Tasty sweet fruit and beautifully trained calm horses. Who are wonderful cow horses as well as cross country eventing.

The training method used has been perfected over the years and it is used by many. But the McColly's are the best in the area. Horse whispering is an art, it takes alot of patience and time. It is where the horse willingly steps into the partnership with the human.

The mystery trip

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