Stuck, can’t get out
This world 
All twists and turns
This path
Or that path
Which to chose
Which to go
Stuck, not sure
Trying to decide
All messed up
Stuffed and hurting
This maze has no end
Trying to hard
Wishing for answers
Needing more
Wanting something
Just out of reach
Life isn't going
How planned
All the different scenarios
None turn out
This is chaos
Into the cave
Tunnels every where
Which one to go down
Find the light again
In the sky a streak
A message?
No one knows
A promise
To who, no one knows
This is a tangled web
Sticky situation
Not sure if can get out
Like a fly on a spider web
Stuck for life
Stars in your eyes
A spark ignites
flames that will never go
Power beyond time
Tied up in knots
It's not easy
Black and white
Times passed
As the river flows
Theres got to be a way
To get out
To not get lost
To lose the struggle
Find the answers to all
To what's unsaid
Questions a flurry in the mind
Too many to figure out
Just a tangled mess
That day will come
When all is right again
No longer

Oct 22, 2021

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