Same thing
Nothing changes
Nothing seems to give
Always fighting
never moving an inch
Staying in Same spot
Nothing to show
Always coming behind
Never in front
Not sure how to fix
Not sure what to do
But all this is just a test
One all is put through
A puzzle needing to be solved
Wishing for help
But not finding any
Wanting the prize
Hope for a way
In getting what desires
The touch
The look
Arms surrounding
Encased in love
Right now in a bowl
Feeling left out
Always on the sidelines
Dreaming of something more
Light breaks through the dark
Leading the way
Everything in the world
Down to one moment
A fire ignites
A message in the sky
Written for love
Needing to connect
Needing something
A feeling of belonging
Feeling special
Like never before
Finding one to be
Same thing
Yet to change
Waiting for change
right around the corner
A adventure awaits
Must get to the end
Where you are

October 23,2021

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