Stop and go
Stop and go
Ups and downs
Ups and downs
Twists and turns
Twists and turns
Life is full of these
We all go through them
Is a part of life
We don't always know
Things is, time is unpredictable
It could stop in an instance
And then keep going on
There will be Challenges
Along this path
Figuring things out
Isn't easy
Being alone isn't fun
Finding the place
You call home
The blue bird
Brings you clarity
On the olive branch
The peace of a dove
Everything happens for a reason
At the end
Is only a journey
There's a door
To another adventure
Stop and go
Up and down
Twist and turn
All in this
Race to have the best
Enjoyable time
Share this
Before it all stops

October 30, 2021

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