Melody in the flowers
Whisper over the rocks
The bubbly brook
Deep in the forest
So peaceful, so quiet
Dance amongst the light beams
Step lightly over the roots
Bring the music of the wind
In the sky, across the clouds
Stars sparkle, diamonds all a glow
Late in the night a soft tune
Heard beyond the river
Howl at the moon
It is in everything
All life has its own
Swing to the left
Step to the right
Secrets are unfolding
Life is just beginning
Love will Blossom
True to your heart
Let the melody go
From the music inside
Into the shadows
Follow me through the steps
Of the dance of life
Music flows
Through everything
Show your heart
As the single note carries
In the night air
Across the distance
The music never stops
Touches the souls
Wraps around the heart
Bring the music out
Sing out loud
Share your song
In abundance, let the world know
The music of

November 5, 2021

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