Hard to see

In the sky it's written 
All untold till the morning light
Balnketed over the mountains
Moonlights's glow follow the stars
A ripple in time
Gosomer Butterfly wings
Glittering lights Twinkling
The blue of the water
Crystal clear and Wandering
A babies laughter
Tears of joy
The sweetness of love
There's the wonder
The mystery of the woods
Diamonds Swirling down
Roses of the sun
Sing a song of trust
Let the melody flow
All around the world
Look different but the same
Let it be known
Look up and show
Dance in the snow Let it go
Shine in the eyes history to tell
Give all you got
Hard to see
Dig through the clues
One mind
One thought
The puzzle will come together

November 11, 2021

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