In the dark of the night
All around are the shadows
Follow the path, not the lights
There's a star in the sky
Twinkling all on its own
Midnight black, indigo blue
Violet purple is the hue
Loyalty is the key, love is the beat
Walk to your own tune
Let nothing stand in your way
Follow the song, the melody flow
Gaze in your eyes, tell a story
Bring on the glory
Find the peace, watch the water falls
Stand out in the rain
Next to a lamp post
The inner glow, beauty all around
Just to know how much it hurts
You are gone, left alone
Follow the dark, not the light
Find solace in the shadows
On the mountain top
There's a place, where the eagles fly
Ethereal beauty, crystal clear
Up in the air so high
The mystery comes through
Put the pieces together
Find the clues, bring the history
Connect the dots, end the rhyme
Find the way through, escape the room
Can you see it, can you feel it
Let the movement overful
Have a story, written in the stars
The biggest mystery of them all

November 17, 2021

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