2 words

A point in life
Where you find
Your heart unexpectedly
Two parts to one soul
Everything you ever wanted
Right there just out of reach
And no matter what you do
It seems harder and harder to achieve
To reach each other
To hold, to touch, to be encased in warmth
To eventually get to the end
Of a long journey
Be able to say
Those words
Be connected as one forever
Forever together, never apart
Share everything
Into the unknown
Show how much the love shines
Stars in the night sky
Tells the story
Of a journey
Yet to make the end
No bright new beginning
Still working towards
That day, the one ment to be
When the words are said
The two little words
That speak volumes
Of a love so strong
A bond never to be broken
2 hearts become one
2 halfs become whole
Just wait and you will see
The time where the words are spoken
Followed by a powerful message
Of love

{I do, cherish you
I do, love you♡}

November 22,2021

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