21 days

December 5

The splendor

The intrigue

The heartbeat

The wonder

The hope

The sparkle

The love

The joy

The laughter

The song

The story

Comes at a time

A time when needed

Not sure how

It just knows

Like the majesty

Listens and replies

There seems to be a magic in the air

Tinkling, glimmering and dancing

Dancing, Swirling around and around

Twirling, mesmerizing display

Bringing the light

See the breath in the cool air

Night time isn’t the only one

The mystery of the place

Is what draws you in

Whispers of a time of old

The time where it was all simpler

Where the world slowed down

To listen

Actually listen

To the word

To nature as it sings

Of a love song

Of a broken heart

Angels on high

Spread their wings

And fly, bringing the message home

Needing to tell

What is heard

As they sing their song

A song of peace

A song of hope

A song of love

The song we all need

For what lies within

Is the stone of truth

Shimmering and smooth

Sparkling in the fire light

Take you on a journey

To a magical place

With Twinkling lights

Music unfolds

Where life is simpler

A time of joy

Of happiness

A time of sharing

December 5, 2021 Alkronebusch

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