In this moment

I feel, I found

Something special

All these days

Working towards

Hoping it will come

I wanted to say

How much I love you

My heart will be yours

For eternity

I promise you

In this moment

I knew, that I’d

Be true

Loyal forever

Spreading love and joy

With you by my side

These will be

The best days

Of all time

I search your eyes

Trying to find answers

To questions unknown

In this moment

Where the spirit brings

The smile back

From this moment

All that will be, shall come

Never thought that it would be

As magical as this

Needing to be, right where you are

In this moment

I finally knew

The feeling I find

Deep in my heart

Reflects in you

In your eyes

I see, your story

If only you knew

What I’ve been through

To get where you are

Needing you to know

That my heartbeats for you


I want to be with you


I need you to stay

With me for all time

For I will never leave

I will always be here

For the rest of our lives

In this moment

I promise to be true

From this moment


December 9, 2021 Alkronebusch

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