16 days

December 10

The snow is falling

Hearts are calling

Listen to the beat

Of Christmas time

The moons rising

Feet are tapping

Come on everybody

Let’s groove to the music

Of Christmas time

Hear the bells


It’s a sight

What a beautiful sight

Here, walking in the wonderland

Winters here

Snow birds calling

Let them cheer

Oh, to be deck the halling

What a beautiful sound

The snow is crunching

Bring the brunches

Let’s gather round

Watching the lights

Light up the Christmas tree

Twinkling merrily

Stockings hanging

By the fire with care

Raindeer pawing

Kicking up snow, tonight

Here’s the tune

All know so well

It’s a blizzard

Let’s stay inside

With the chestnuts roasting

We’ll be happy

Sipping hot chocolate

And enjoying the veiw

Of Christmas time

Trees are swaying

Hounds are baying

What a beautiful sight

Let’s be happy tonight

In this winter wonder land

December 10, 2021 Alkronebusch

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