Christmas clock

Timeless memories

The ticking of the clock

In the hall, it’s past midnight

Lying here in the dark

Not knowing when it starts

The rain pounding on the roof

All to well, the unknown

Then the time sets in

A chime rings out

Flowing through the window

A timeless moment

Bringing with a cool breath of air

The winters hold

White crystal flakes swirl

Blanketing the world

With a dusting of sparkle

It dances

In and out of focus

It dances

All the way to the moon

It dances

Bring back the love

The ticking of the clock

It’s time to rejoice

As its closer than it was

Sitting here thinking

Of the song

Brings joy

Listen to the time go by

As the clock ticks one more time

December 8, 2021 Alkronebusch

The picture is not mine, no that privilege belongs to dave wilson photography

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