Photograph The Hunt

Chapter 4 The hunt
The Riddle
The clue
Jo looked up at Mark confused, and was about to ask him if he knew what this ment, only to see the same expression on his face. So he (Jo) stayed silent while the one he calls his Oppa takes the piece of paper from him and stares a it some more.

Mark reads it over and over again,  several times and yet it still says the same thing, and isn't making sense.


The only sound in the room was the ticking of the grandfather clock in the hall. The winds howl doesn't reach inside anymore as everything seemingly stands still. His (Mark's) anathytical mind was going in to over drive, as he thought of all the riddles and clues his aunt used to leave for him and Mary.

Watching his Oppa think and tap the paper to his chin, Jo wondered at the process that Mark goes through to get to the eureka moment. The moment when everything falls into place, and the wheels of motion that have been put into place long ago will finally move again. As the hunt continues.......
The only one in the family that seemed to care about the 2 youngest McColly's ( besides the 3x great grandmother) was the great aunt who raised them. She was the sole beneficiary of 3x great grandmother Marybeth's fortune. She had the same tenacity, cleverness and spunk that Beth had.

Everyone knew her as Star, only 3x great grandmother, herself, Mark and Mary knew her real name. Beth who was still alive at the time of birth and death of the aunts mother was the one who named her. Raised her for a time, teaching her everything she knew, especially about puzzles, riddles, solving mysteries....

Ofcourse the father a dead beat, never wanted the child, even when the mother was still alive, he wanted nothing to do with it. Always saying it wasn't his, and that Margaret was a slut. But he still wanted to be apart of the McColly's so he could get his hands on the fortune.

He lost that chance the moment Maggie moved back home. The rest of the family forbade him from coming on the property or into the house. The McColly family were very intelligent and figured out what his plan was long before he had the chance to finish wooing Maggie.

Since the family was well know in the region, no one thought twice when they threaten him.

But he still tried to interfere. Even though he had no right or claim to the child, he forfeited that when he abandon mother and unborn child in the ditch somewhere.

(After Maggie tried to leave for the sixth time, she knew she had to get away from him and just wished it hadn't taken her this long to realize the she should pack and leave.)

When the rest of the family found out, they immediately went out searching, and didn't stop until they found Star. They brought her home and nursed her back to health, but kot to long after that she gave birth and passed away in her sleep. The McColly's told the police what happened and that they wanted to charge him for the death of their Maggie.

Now Maggie's daughter Star was as unique as her real name suggests, a beauty in every sense. Inside and out she was beautiful, she had the sweetest soul, the kindest of hearts and the most amazing Violet eyes.

No one knows where the Violet comes from because all the other McColly's have amber brown, mint green and hazel. She is the only one in the family to be born with such unique eyes. And as far as anyone knew she was the only one who did.....

Mary knew different.....
(hope your paying attention)

                    Chapter 4    The Hunt

Up in the attic sit several boxes, Mark and Jo where going through them, trying to find the book with all the riddles, clues, that Mary was carrying the day they save him (Jo). Mark knows it's here somewhere in one of the boxes, he saw Mary put it up here. He just wasn't su....something in the far corner of the attic caught his attention.

He could just make out what looked to be the Silhouette of a book, shoved amongst some other books. While the rest had a fair amount of dust on them, this one had very little dust. Like it hadn't been here for very long, like it was just shoved into the corner, in an attempt to conceal it.

Upon reaching the corner Mark reached out his hand, his finger tip barley touching the cover, when a sound behind him drew his attention. Turning he saw....


Just another piece of paper and a old photograph......

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