Looking out

It’s a wonder

Anything gets done

Old photographs

Distant memories

On the mountain top

See for miles

A time to reflect

On the moments

Moments that ment something

Heart skip a beat

Music to your ears

The beauty within

Let it out

Let it show

Looking out the glass

That surrounds the world

One day, will meet the one

That’s a part of you

Wait a lifetime for

The love that will never die

A fire so bright

It heats up the whole world

A string that connects

All the dots, lead

To you, all ever wanted

Was you

Looking out

Reach your hand

Touching finger tips

Close to entangling fingers

Never stop

Never leave

Always be there

Looking out

January 1, 2022 Alkronebusch

Happy New Year!!!! Hope you have a great year, full of many happy memories and moments.

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