Window to another time
Ripples on the moon

A single Raindrop

Tears from heaven

The world cries

Let it wash over



The music of nature

Stop and listen

Take a load off


All that learned

January 5,2022 Alkronebusch

Chilly days

Laughter heard

Splashing, jumping

Water spray up

All around, dancing

Let the joy come

Watch them play

Stop to see

Open up your eyes

Memories flow

In the reflection

Of one’s heart

Watch the world

The journey

Another path

Which way to go

Left or right

See it there

In the puddles

Life’s choices

Lead you somewhere

Don’t forget to breathe

Take a chance

Have faith

All will be

As it should be

Keep fighting 💜

Never give up

It’s there in the entrance

To that other place

There in the ripples

In the puddles

Don’t hesitate



January 5, 2022 Alkronebusch

The pictures arnt mine, they belong to the owner(s)

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