Knowing someone cares
Shares your pain
Makes life easier
Than going through alone

Knowing someone is there
Shoulder to cry on
Makes life funner
Having a partner

All the letters of old
The love through history
The stories told
To wonders unknown

All the letters of old
Kept in the wall
Like a treasure found
One for the history books

Waterfalls and skylines
Kisses and hugs
Out there is one
Who understands

Waterfalls and skylines
The views all around
In the heavens and memories
Dreams come unfolded

Wishes on stars
Promises made
All the hope in the world
The love of old

Wishes on the stars
Up in heaven, one soul
Parted to different worlds
So close to being reunited

The letters left
On the table there
Written with tears
All that is broken

The letters there
In the box, in the drawer
Have a message
Of the world greatest love

Knowing someone cares
Is there
Shoulder to cry on
One to hold
For all time

January 7, 2022

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