Sad eyes

Does one really see

What’s deep inside

The story that’s there

Behind sad eyes

Being strong

Don’t let them see

Don’t let them in

Mustn’t show, the pain deep within

Let the goodness show

Find the only one, to save you

Step in time to the beat

One step, two step and slide

Does one really see

What is hidden deep within

To the story there

There behind sad eyes

Walk through fire

Go through hell

Just to be with you

Not enough, never enough

Heartbroken, don’t let them see

Be the strong one, that your ment to be

Never show, always hide

What’s deep inside

Does one really see

That what is hidden

Deep within one’s soul

To see the whole story

Hidden there

Behind sad eyes

Sad eyes

Behind sad sa sa sa sad eyes

To what lies behind

Those sad eyes

Sad eyes

January 8, 2022 Alkronebusch

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