And the rains fall

Silence greets, 
every morning
Darkness reigns,
like a Silhouette
The rain falls,
stiletto sound on tin
olden days fairs
Memories in line,
lost in the lure
Little lights lead,
down a path
In the forest,
birds sing
Light breeze blows,
fox darts by
key to life
See the beauty,
in the sky
The movie reel,
the ocean so deep
On the mountain,
snow stays
Glitter like diamonds,
glow within
Stories tell,
endings and beginings
A message,
passed from generations
Lesson learned,
trust is earned
Respect me,
respect you
On the moon,
a dance sublime
Now only in dreams,
will happiness be
Forever apart,
souls shattered
Never mended,
Loss of a love so strong,
world weeps
And the rains fall

January 11,2022

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