Left in the cold

There all alone

Just wanted to be loved

Wanted someone to hold

Walk across the ice

See it there melting

Where it meets the sun

Where the reflection of your face used to be

Left on the side of the road

Feeling a loss, feeling pain

You were my only family

You were my comfort and joy

All is gone, all is lost

Without you there is nothing

We lonely hearts fall

Broken wings

In the abandoned hall

Lonely songs

Flit to the moon

No more in the stars

This journey ends

The book has closed

Nothing more to say, yet everything to say

All the hope, all the love

Went up in smoke

True to be, loyalty

This heart will belong only to you

On a bench, in the middle of the rain

A note lay

Words written, yet unspoken

To the one I love, it says

Followed by a declaration

Will always be here

Not going anywhere

The waterfall roars

Like the raging storm inside

Hung out to dry

The fire of the sun


January 12, 2022 Alkronebusch

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