What is beauty

That to which is anything

A flower opening up to the sun

The warmth of a smile

The laughter of friends

Butterflies dancing amongst the lilacs

The hum of the hummingbird wings

Little things that are forgotten

The touch of someone’s hand

Being held, loved

All these things are not noticed enough

To most beauty is without not within

But if one did take the time to see

They would notice the beauty in front of them

Learn that true beauty is whats inside and all around us

Nature is the best teacher on beauty

To one a thorn bush is ugly, to another it is a testament to the beauty within

One does search for knowledge on everything

A beautiful mind, adds to the allure

To the mystery of what is

To what was

To the one thing most forgotten

In this life we all search for it

Crave it almost

And to which is only found, truly in one place

Is in the beauty of nature

The true meaning of what beauty should be

So when you go looking for that which is pretty

Look no further than the love shinning in a young one’s eyes

January 22, 2022 Alkronebusch

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