Fight for

Who do you fight for?

It isn't enough to know
This life we lead
There will be obstacles
And some that are hard to get through
Hard to pass by, to get to the goal
At the end of the path
2 directions to go
Which is the way
One leads to more despair
The other hasn't been decided on
Because that story hasn't been written
So what way to choose
Which is the safer route
Or does one just stay
In the comfort zone, never to leave
Alone forever
take a chance, step into the unknown
Take a leap of faith, that someone will be there
Catch you as you
Fight for what you believe in
Fight for all that you hold dear
All that matters more to you than life itself
An unbreakable bond
One that hasn't been seen in centuries
So are you willing to step
On the path
The path that wasn't mentioned
For no one thinks to go straight
Or look up for that matter
Step into the mist
Into to the Fight
The fight for the love of a lifetime

January 22, 2022

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